Introduction of Department

Introduction of Department
Department of Natural Science Department of Nursing Nurturing future-leading qualified professionals who practice holistic nursing with respect for humans.
Department of Ophthalmic Optics Nurturing practical opticians who create shared values through the SCI innovation system
Department of Physical Therapy Nurturing life partners for a healthy and happy life.
Emergency Rescue Department Nurturing emergency medical technicians who are human-centered and have field adaption ability with excellent practical skills.
Dental Hygiene Department Nurturing dental hygienists with field adaption ability.
Health and Medical Administration Division Nurturing competent medical management professionals to meet the requirements of health care sites.
Department of Cosmetics and Skin Beauty Nurturing professionals tailored to the industry with both theory and practical skills
Department of Rehabilitation Sports Nurturing rehabilitation exercise specialists to improve the ability to prevent and treat sports injuries and functional exercises of the musculoskeletal system.
Hotel Catering and Cooking Department Nurturing hotel culinary staff who are able to perform basics, bakery, restaurant establishment, and hotel service.
Humanities and Social Sciences Department of Early Childhood Education Nurturing early childhood education experts meeting the requirements of the era of convergence and combination.
Hotel Aviation Department Nurturing experts for hotel, aviation, and travel service to lead the Korean tourism industry.
Tax Accounting Department Nurturing experts with field adaptability in the field of tax and accounting with humanism and intelligence.
Real Estate Department Achieve the dream of a real estate expert at Cheongam University!!
Department of Social Welfare Professional social workers who excel in both character and ability.
Department of Military Studies Nurturing professional soldiers who share the future of Korea.
Police Security Department Nurturing police human resources through the municipal police system from July 2021. Nurturing security convergence experts in general and special security fields.   Nurturing human resources with global martial arts capabilities.
Department of Practical Korean Nurturing globalized human resources in the era of internationalization.
Engineering Department Computer Information Convergence Department In order to nurture professional programmers, system managers (database managers), and computer graphics (3D modeling) designers with the leading technology required in modern society, we develop field-oriented training courses through employment agreements with a number of industries.
Electricity Department Nurturing electric technology masters of the Green New Deal and the 4th industrial age in the Gwangyang Bay area.
Fire Safety Management Department Nurturing firefighting and safety experts protecting the lives and property of the people.
Department of ICT Drones Nurturing professional talents who lead the era of the 4th industrial revolution and lead in the ICT and drone industries.
Arts and Physical Education Webtoon Contents Department Nurturing creative webtoon writers who can analyze and lead trends in the age of knowledge, information, and culture industry and webtoon experts who can contribute to the development of the cultural industry of the country and local communities by developing  creative digital content that can enter the global market.